Just things im thinking.

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Just things im thinking.

Post by Rodloxer222 on Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:55 am


I was thinking that EVERYTHING should have a choice to be modulated (choice of weapon modules) since you can give modules to destroyers, carriers, battlecruiser,(correct me if im wrong) and battleship. An option should be given to module any type of ships on both sides. I find the vagyr don't appear to have that option. In fact recently I couldn't find a way to expand my fleet in the vagyr because I could not locate crew station or research station. :S

Also, I find the x6 kinectic cannon to be a bit weak. A small damage buff would satisfy. Another thing is that the Ion cannon is very inaccurate, as it cant properly target frigates or capital ships, and I would have to re-command them every once in a while to get it right. Neutral 
All hail the Ion Destroyers!

Now to the Rapid Bomb Launcher. Would it be to much to ask for a anime-style missle barrage Very Happy 

If I have anything else to say I will post it on this topic so be sure to check back! Very Happy 



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