The new Kadeshi Expansion of the new Rebirth

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The new Kadeshi Expansion of the new Rebirth

Post by Passo ola on Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:17 am

Hi there i'f been a long time fan of the Kadeshi, when reading fanfiction i always wanted more Kadeshi material to read. At a time of playing or reading i wanted more so i started thinking of ways to introduce the Kadeshi to the Homeworld universe outside the nebula.

Edit::Note I am not a member of the team who made Complex Enhanced:study: 

now we all now the Kadeshi from their speeches they have with the Kushan Ambassador..wich i'll ad in a edit as i don't remember those speeches right now.

This is the Garden of Kadesh. For thirteen generations we have protected it from the unclean. The Turanic Raiders who came before you refused to join and were punished for this trespass. Like theirs, your ship has already defiled this holy place. If you have come to join we welcome you and will spare your ship until all have disembarked. If you have come to consume the garden you will be removed at once. What are your intentions?

second part from second Kadeshi Mission:
You will fail. The evil that drove us here will find and destroy you. From you they will know of us and come here. This cannot come to pass.

Here's a link to ship descriptions of the Kadeshi from Homeworld

But anyway i had a reasonable post ready but i forgot those writings ( Bad memory and side effect of meds, and i started a game of the new enhanced mod so i forgot).

What i have written down was a lot but i lost a lot of material when i wiped my drive, but i'f written some new stuff down so there is atleast some material..

What my goal is here is to inspire people and ask if they have any ideas for a Kadeshi Faction in HW: Rebirth and one of the other goals is to have mini campaigns/scenario's atleast that is what i think i read, in the news update. now it might take a while before there are minicampaigns but we could do some pre-creating.

now we all or just i alone can create stories, describe ships, describe ship actions ( special actions ) or other stuff containing HW: Rebirth.
With stories i actually mean creating stories for missions, but as i remember the PDS mod had its own website and they had a writer who wrote a few stories an inside view of the world of the mod wich where fun to read and very informative...  

I see a lot of posibilleties (bad spelling,can't remember) for the future of this mod and i'll be glad to add to the creation of this mod....

Some info about me: I'f been a Homeworld NUT for more then ten years had written a lot and spend countless nights plowing thruw the relicforums for Fanfiction i also liked the new races thread on the old relic boards wich you won't find on the recent Relic boards, well maybe by using a link someone provided but i'f been out of touch with the relic boards..
I have several nice plans for the Homeworld community because in my opinion  we should be ready for the new and resurged wave of homeworld players when the HD versions come out and the games are rereleased..  the only problem is i don't have webpage building skills..

Thanks for your time and attention i didn't wanted to put up a wall but my skills have detoriated

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Re: The new Kadeshi Expansion of the new Rebirth

Post by Passo ola on Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:04 pm

Well i wandered thruw my Text files and found some Kadeshi text files but most is in my own language and to my opinion it isn't much but i'll try to put some ships down..

Escort Needle
A smaller Needleship with two ions in the head and a ring system located after the head with three Ion cannons located on the ring , the ring rotates giving every Ion cannon a change to fire, further there are anti- strike craft pods mounted on the tail..

Swarmer Needleship
A needle ship with two swarmer construction lines or more (who knows how a needle ship looks from the inside) it also has two launch rings/bays for swarmers.
Its sort of a heavy fighter/swarmer carrier used to launch large ammounts of swarmers so they can overwhelm enemy forces.

Plasma Swarmer
A swarmer mounting a plasmabomb launcher in its weapon bay based on the advanced swarmer chassis.... Anti-frigate, anti -capital

Anti Corvette plasma Swarmer
A Swarmer mounting three small plasma launchers in its weapon bay, the plasma launchers are small and fire small plasma bombs and is used to take out corvette's..


Well something came out of my reading of that old stuff... had some fun writing this down.

and about my previous post my apolagies was writing that down when i was a bit stressed

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