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Post by StBonifaz on Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:06 am


After years I took out homeworld 2 again and stumbled across your amazing complex enhanced mod last week. Great work. I love it! I just played two games against the ai now and have some questions:

Two Chimera stations work as a hypergate for anything up to capital class, which is very nice. I just noticed if you are giving a couple of fighters/corvettes the dock command in a battle because they are damaged, they are distributed over the nearest docking posibilities, so they also sometimes will dock in a nearby Chimera station for repairs. Unfortunately they then end up on the other side of the hypergate. Is there anything to prevent that?

In the Description of the Hammer Cruiser it says that he can carry Sentinels into battle. No Idea what they are.

The Salvage Collector is supposed to be able to repair ships when upgraded. Have not found any upgrade for that ship type yet and I fail to see the purpose of the Salvage Collector at all.

I also noticed that frame rate drops down to below 10 in larger battles. (does not happen in vanilla homeworld2) Any recommondations on how to improve that?

The Higarian battleships don't seem to fire their hefty ion guns automaticly when set to agressive mode, even though enemy ships are in range.

Is there any way to make capital ships stay stationary but fire? eg the Vortex is starting to move all over the battlefield to the enemy side when my defensive line is attacked from long range.

Again, thanks a lot for your awsome work!


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Chimera Station Hypergate Empty Re: Chimera Station Hypergate

Post by Aediren Rowenus on Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:13 am

Welcome to Complex Enhanced! I can answer a few of those questions. The easiest way to ensure that your fighters don't end up doing what you described is to dock them manually so they don't end up going into Chimera. Evac cells also have to be docked manually to save your crew/officers. A sentinel is a modular Adv. Platform class vessel that can be outfitted with Heavy Ion, nuke, EMP, or artillery type weaponry. The only thing I can recommend for framerate problems is to set the the game to as low as possible graphics settings and set game option to normal/low system clock speed. Keep in mind this is a ten year old game running with all kinds of custom modifications that it was never meant to run with! Exclamation As far as the SC (salvage collector) goes, I've relied on RC's for repairs and only use SC's when I need to use their faster speed to quickly gather salvage from the combat zone. Not sure why the BS is not using its Heavy Ions for you scratch I'm going to launch the game up here in a bit and play so I'll check it out. For keeping your capital ships from moving off to attack the enemy try setting it to passive/defensive mode and give an order to retreat from where the enemy is attacking from. That will force the AI to either be pulled into your firing range of your other ships or otherwise make them re-target to another. Tactics and micro/macro management and decision making is what HW2 is all about, also try Hit-n-runs. Let me know if you have any other questions! If you can beat the expert AI then you will start being ready for PvP Cool We play on Tunngle VPN, and all you have to do is install/register it and search for "Homeworld 2" in Tunngle search then find the Complex Enhanced mod server. Hope to see you in there sometime. Have fun and stay frosty! pirat 
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Chimera Station Hypergate Empty Re: Chimera Station Hypergate

Post by SpaceKookie on Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:51 am

Hey! Welcome to the Forums. Glad to hear you're enjoying Complex Enhance..About the repair ability, I'm not a Hiigara player but the research should be in the same spot for both races:

Check out this tech tree:

So essentially you need to build a Repair Module, then you can research repair in the Utility menu (Where the Resource Collector upgrades are). That will unlock the repair ability on the Resource collector.

Also if you're having performance issues there is a set of settings that you can change that determines how fast the game/ mod updates stuff. The Homeworld engine is pretty fragile and loading it with lots of custom scripts gets wacky at times Wink Hope this helps.

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Chimera Station Hypergate Empty Re: Chimera Station Hypergate

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