Creating New Models For Enhanced Play

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Creating New Models For Enhanced Play

Post by DrysonB on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:15 am

Just from developing several maps I have discovered some very interesting traits that need to be exploited.

When capital ships are placed off of the map grid maybe an inch or so they automatically move towards the Mothership or Flagship starting location. One map I created is where the Hiigaran and Vaygr, have incoming transports which are basically just Flagships and Weaponless Cruisers moving towards the starting location that must be intercepted and destroyed.

I would like to see transport model ships designed that could be placed into a map where the transports would travel from one corner of the map to the starting position where one player must intercept and destroy the transports while the other player must protect the transports.

The transports would be carrying large amounts of RU that would be offloaded to the player once it arrives thus giving the player a large resource dump. If the transports are destroyed they would yield a moderate amount of salvage for the other player.

Basically what is needed are a few transport class ships of various sizes for both the Hiigaran and Vaygr that could be inserted into a map using the MBSE/Skunk Map Editing Hybrid System where I could then place the transports off map so they travel towards the player starting location.

The first set of models would most likely only be able to be played in a mod because of the LUA association of offloading resources.

The second set of models would be basically just the transport ship built with a high amount of salvage debris when destroyed.


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