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Post by Nakamura on Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:03 am

Hello everyone. After the "handover" of Complex Enhanced, a new dev team arose and they are still hard at work. The plot twist however is the following: The original team is coming back to reclaim the mod, while the new team ended up making a sister mod, which can be now found at

While we are determining our course of action and most importantly re-gathering the old team, I'd also like to point out that we are constantly recruiting new helping hands for the team, be that in any of our departments.

With the coming re-release of the game, the big picture of our plans is fixing our remaining bugs and tweaking our balance to monitor what our transition to the new mod, called "Rebirth" will be like.
In case you don't remember, Rebirth will be a mod that we now have decided to only develop for the remastered game, and will include a fully developed Kadeshi race, as well as a full campaign to explain their appearance. More on that in the future.

Most importantly, we'd like to ask for YOUR opinion on the design of the mod. Are there elements that need further polishing? Point out what you like and/or dislike. These are the things that drive us, that help us focus our testing.

Will be back with more news. A hotfix for the current release should be rather imminent (incoming in a few days).

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