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Post by Nakamura on Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:59 am

Recently, after our comeback we have been hard at work, polishing certain design elements and balance testing in multiplayer 1v1. The time has come to deliver an update to the public, as the new release is basically a couple of days away. Other than that, this article will include our plans for the future, such as a third race, campaign and the remastered edition porting.

As explained above, we have been working really hard, especially when it comes to testing. A lot of the Hiigaran arsenal is going to be altered in some way, as certain parts of it have been over-performing, while others have not made a noticeable impact on the game flow.

Our testing was focused on the medium sized maps, as it would seem that these give the best dynamics. Anything above 200km diameter makes aggression pay off less due to long travel times adding to the defender's advantage. While we are having a lot of problems with game ending moves in the late stages of the mid game, this has been pushed out a lot further than it was to begin with - when we started CE, game ending moves could happen with the first couple of ships even, never mind the aggressive use of the Mothership/Flagship. Overall there is plenty of progress, but we still never really got around to test the super capital class out in a balanced environment. By the time those are out, the game is usually decided.

The good news however is that up to the capital ship transition, we have greatly improved the balance of the game, which with this update will allow us to test the higher tech ships out under the right conditions.

With this post, I would like to take the chance to promote multiplayer a little - we have a room for Complex Enhanced on Tunngle, where you can match up for virtual lan games. It gives the mod infinite ways to be played, as opposed to games against AI opponents, which are more limited.

Would you, the fans be interested in tournaments?

Either way, on the topic at hand: we're very close to releasing the next update, the change log of which can be seen here, however this is not final yet: http://homeworldrebirth.forumotion.com/t5-complex-enhanced-dev-change-log-v-881-read-only

On the matter of recruiting, we are always looking for new helping hands, as there is a lot of work to be done. The only requirement is for you to know the mod rather well, and be willing to get things done. Whether you wish to join the testers, the creative team, the map makers, the main development team (scripters, artists, designers) is completely up to you and your skill set.

There are two main projects(other than main design and balance) inside the mod that will require a huge amount of manpower, dedication and work, both of which will be introduced after we switch to Rebirth:

1)Kadeshi development:

Obviously, adding an entire race to a game is no easy task. The design, balancing and amount of scripting required is simply brutal, and then the art assets required have to be also considered.
In addition to generic recruiting, we'd like to ask fellow mod teams with Kadeshi art assets to negotiate with us or give general advice on the matter.

2)Campaign development :

This, for now is more of a general idea than a plan that is being set into motion. We however would not want to shy away from setting it to be a long term goal. While discussion is still ongoing about how many races will be playable among other things, the idea is to follow the missions of a new "hero ship" that will be added: the Hiigaran Fleet Carrier. Events will play out right after the conclusion of the HW2 campaign.
Regarding this, we'd like to have a couple of creative minds who are capable of putting together a great plot, along with proper dialogues. Preferably someone who has been writing novels(HW fanfic, anyone?).
Also, we'd greatly appreciate some pointers from other teams who have worked on scripting campaigns in homeworld, as this is a new area to the current team (so was the entirety of HW modding when we started, though).

I know I can speak on behalf of the entire team when I say that we'd be all thrilled to see replies to this article - possibly the most relevant of news ever presented by us. Let us know your thoughts, and as always, be sure to follow us on moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/hw2-complex-enhanced

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