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8.81 release! Empty 8.81 release!

Post by Nakamura on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:42 am

Recently, after our comeback we have been hard at work, polishing certain design elements and balance testing in multiplayer 1v1. The time has come to deliver an update to the public. The new version contains a lot of balance adjustments, along with a few fixes. In the background, we are working on certain new ships and concepts, some of which we have already teased. This is a smaller update that mainly aims to polish multiplayer balance.

Complex Enhanced 8.8.1 Change log


Heavy destroyer changed to "Stalker Destroyer". It has integrated cloaking, is slightly faster, but has weaker armor.
X2 Kinetic Cannons added to the modular weapon choices.


Fixed a few internal errors.
Corrected an error that made the AI inert in the late game.
Fixed the visual bugs of the Modular destroyer


Probe cost increased from 150 to 250.
Probe sensor range reduced from 12000m to 9000m.
Increased Flak Frigate damage from 40 to 80
Increased Flak Frigate round AoE from 60m to 120m
Increased Flak Frigate bonus damage against fighters from 26% to 30%
Modular ships can no longer build heavy ion cannons
Modular ships can no longer build x6 kinetic cannons
Modular Cruisers can no longer build nuclear bomb launchers
Modular Destroyers can no longer build EMP Plasma cannons
X3 modular Kinetic cannons moved from research division to engineering division tech
x3 modular kinetic cannon damage reduced by 20%
Modular ion cannon damage increased by 20%
Increased the maximal speed of the Light Carrier from 140 to 150
Hiigaran Mothership Defense field duration reduced by 50%
Hiigaran Mothership Defense field moved from Science Division to Engineering Division
Modular EMP plasma cannon EMP damage reduced by 50%
Fast Plasma Cannon range reduced by 50%
Reduced Fast Plasma Cannon damage from 150 to 140 per hit
Level 3 sensor range upgrade effect increased from +20% to +40%


Removed the Battle Shipyard
Removed viper missiles/tango mines/cruise missiles/roller mines
Removed the Hiigaran evacuation mechanic


Credits updated
Minor grammar corrections

If you need further help with installation, or further troubleshooting, feel free to contact us either here in a comment, or read the tech installation helpdesk here http://homeworldrebirth.forumotion.com/t80-complex-enhanced-installation-helpdesk-latest-version

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