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Current dev change log(read only) Empty Current dev change log(read only)

Post by Nakamura on Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:05 pm


•Attempts at creating ballistic weapon physics

Rebirth competitive game mode:

•Standardized options: Standard resource mutliplier, Starting resources: 10000, Locked teams, Fixed starting location, No bounties, Research complete: no, RU injection: none, Challenges: none Relics: none, Crates: none, Starting fleet: MS/Carrier/6Collectors/Refinery(Resource Controller), Rush protection: no

Rebirth Custom game mode:

•Renamed the "carrier only" pregame setting to "starting fleet" option, names renamed and described accordingly.
•Provided option for a test fleet, which consists of 1 of each ship a race can make in multiplayer.


•Friendly fire damage increased from 10% to 100%.
•Decriptions are more detailed.(WIP)
•Added a third tier of upgrades. Numerous number changes were done to existing techs to make the system more balanced with our design.(WIP)
•Added a module that improves build speeds called "Construction Control Module".
•Added a module that improves harvesting rates called "Harvest Control Module".
•Added a module that improves the host ship's armor and docked ship repair speed and surrounding ships' self repair called "Defense Control Tower".
•Added a module that improves the maximum speed and turning speed of the host ship and surrounding ships called "Engine Control Module".
•Added upgrades for damage, harvesting speed, self-repair, docked ship repair speeds.

Bug Fixes:

•All Fire Control Towers and Sensor Subsystems now use the Subsystem Armor instead of being unarmored.


•Added 3rd tier research module called "Prototyping Module".

Balance Changes to Hiigaran and Vaygr (to create a battle dynamic that's close to hw1's feel):

•Unified construction speed upgrades(no longer per ship type).
•All Platform Armor tripled.
•All Fighter/Frigate Armor doubled.
•All Corvette Armor increased by 50%.
•All Mothership/Flagship Armor increased to 500k.
•All Resource Collectors and Refinery Armor doubled.
•Destroyer Armor increased to 100k.
•Shipyard Armor increased to 450k.
•Carrier Armor increased to 180k.
•Hiigaran Research is now per class due to the massive number of new ships.
•Vaygr Research Module cost increased to 1500. Build time increased from 30s to 75s.

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