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Complex Enhanced dev. change log (v 8.8.1)  - READ ONLY Empty Complex Enhanced dev. change log (v 8.8.1) - READ ONLY

Post by Nakamura on Sun May 05, 2013 5:20 am

Complex Enhanced 8.8.1 Change log


Heavy destroyer changed to "Stalker Destroyer". It has integrated cloaking, is slightly faster, but has weaker armor.
X2 Kinetic Cannons added to the modular weapon choices.


Fixed a few internal errors.
Corrected an error that made the AI inert in the late game.
Fixed the visual bugs of the Modular destroyer


Probe cost increased from 150 to 250.
Probe sensor range reduced from 12000m to 9000m.
Increased Flak Frigate damage from 40 to 80
Increased Flak Frigate round AoE from 60m to 120m
Increased Flak Frigate bonus damage against fighters from 26% to 30%
Modular ships can no longer build heavy ion cannons
Modular ships can no longer build x6 kinetic cannons
Modular Cruisers can no longer build nuclear bomb launchers
Modular Destroyers can no longer build EMP Plasma cannons
X3 modular Kinetic cannons moved from research division to engineering division tech
x3 modular kinetic cannon damage reduced by 20%
Modular ion cannon damage increased by 20%
Increased the maximal speed of the Light Carrier from 140 to 150
Hiigaran Mothership Defense field duration reduced by 50%
Hiigaran Mothership Defense field moved from Science Division to Engineering Division
Modular EMP plasma cannon EMP damage reduced by 50%
Fast Plasma Cannon range reduced by 50%
Reduced Fast Plasma Cannon damage from 150 to 140 per hit
Level 3 sensor range upgrade effect increased from +20% to +40%


Removed the Battle Shipyard
Removed viper missiles/tango mines/cruise missiles/roller mines  
Removed the Hiigaran evacuation mechanic  


Credits updated
Minor grammar corrections

Complex Enhanced 8.8 Change log


Removed the chassis research pre-requirements from most Hiigaran strike craft, frigates and platforms to match the vanilla system
Vaygr no longer need to research the class chassis.
Vaygr rank restrictions from non capitals removed. Affected ship unlocker tech costs and research times doubled.


The Shuttle is now available for production after the unlocking technology is researched
The Hiigaran Anti Radiation modules are no longer restricted
Fixed a crash to desktop bug that was caused by the Hiigaran AI
Fixed the heavy ion cannon`s missing texture bug


The Hiigaran Command Fortress has been replaced by a scaled up model of the old weapon station
The Weapon station has been removed
Removed the Sniper Frigate
Removed the Defender
Removed the Swarm Corvette


Increased the armor of Hiigaran and Vaygr Carriers from 150000 to 200000
Increased the armor of the Vaygr Battle Carrier from 200000 to 275000
Heavy Fighter maximum speed reduced from 310 to 270
Docking and launch times have been greatly reduced for non-capital ships
Fast Plasma Cannons are now available at Science Division
Increased the base damage of the Assault craft from 45 to 55 per hit
Increased the base damage of the Lance fighter from 60 to 70 per hit
Decreased the armor of the Heavy fighter from 1135 to 1000 per squadron(200 armor each)

Vaygr Missile Battlecruiser Role change to anti Strike Craft Super capital
detailed: HP reduced to 200k, Missiles changed to homeworld 1 type antifighter missiles.
Frontal Gun tuned to deal with frigates, faster ROF, lower damage.
Agility improved, speed increased to 85 m\s.
Missile control tower and concussion battery are built by stock (this is also its stock weapon, firing concussion missiles)
Removed minelaying drones and mortar missiles from the build options.
Price lowered to be the same of the standard battlecruiser.
Improved AI when engaging targets

Vaygr Command fortress (overall weapon restructuring):
Range increased in all the CF weapons to be a match to the hiigaran version (around 10k to 15k kms)
Turrets repositioned for full field of fire coverage
Changed the double kinetic cannons, for special anti fighter rapid fire guns
Tuned Laser cannons to a much lower damage, higher fire rate to deal with frigates.
Large cannons replaced for special Heavy Mortar Cruise missiles (anti capital)
Firing arcs modified so it can fire at targets on its same XY plane and to avoid 100% firepower focusing.


Renamed the Hiigaran Imp Bombs tech to Heavy Bombs to better resemble it`s role
Renamed the Vaygr Dreadnaught to Dreadnought
Renamed Vaygr Missile Battlecruiser Rapid Controller to Missile Control Tower.
Renamed Vaygr Command Fortress Weapon sets to match their true description.
Changed the description of Command Fortresses from Heavy Support Ship to Deep Space Station
Changed all damage upgrade values to +15 % base attack in order to increase overall battle duration
Removed the Weight effect of subsystems for better performance
Removed the forced station keeping during passive stance for better performance
Carriers will no longer be able to build Cloaked scouts, only Chimera stations can from now on


Complex Enhanced 8.7 Change log


The AI now uses the proper counters against every ship type
The AI now keeps engaging the human players in late game
Destroyed Vaygr ships' crew is now substracted from the available crew
Vaygr Crew now needs to be recruited, but comes in twice as fast as Hiigaran's crew
Both races now have a recruiting cycle of 25 seconds, with upgrade-able levels (Hiigaran Crew cells are gone)
New Ship: Vaygr Hyperspace Core added - it can re-build the Flagship
New Ship: Vaygr Cloak Platform added - it can cloak friendly ships within a radius
The Weapon Station and Sentinel now require the special attack key(z) to fire nukes
The Weapon Station and Sentinel now have access to EMP Plasma cannons
The Weapon Station and Sentinel now use the Modular Heavy Ion Cannon as opposed to the prior one
The Hiigaran Battleship now uses the large version of the Heavy Ion Cannon as opposed to the Modular one
The Modular Cruiser now has access to Nuclear Bomb Launchers on the top and bottom hardpoints
Nuclear Bombs will now cause a major EMP effect on the hit ship
The Light Shuttle and Vaygr Guardian now use EMP Mines
The Force Field megalith now has a display icon
The Mobile Inhibitor now requires a chassis research instead of the gravity well generator module
Accuracy upgrades have been combined with damage upgrades
Drive upgrades have been combined with speed upgrades
Replaced the Kinetic Cannon Set on the Vaygr Flagship with a Lance Turret Set
The Shiry has received a model improvement consisting of gun barrels and missile launchers


Hiigarans are no longer restricted by research score
Standardized the Super Capital ship/Battle Capital ship/Weapon Station/Sentinel weaponry (they are shared as opposed to different per ship now)
The Sentinel and Weapon Station now use Modular weapons instead of their separate versions of weapons
Removed the 6x Long range heavy kinetic cannons due to performance issues it causes and role overlapping
Removed the long range autoguns due to the performance issues it causes (replaced with kinetic/artillery guns)
Removed the long range nuclear launcher from the Weapon Station and Sentinel
Removed the Auto-dock/Guard/Parade subsystems
Removed the Concussion Frigate due to poor design
Removed the Heavy Fighter due to role overlapping with the Lance Fighter
Removed the Heavy Cannon Frigate due to role overlapping with the Artillery Frigate
Removed the Plasma Frigate due to role overlapping with the Heavy Missile Frigate
Removed the Pulsar Mechgun due to role overlapping and very similar power with the Minegun Corvette
Removed the Battle Ark due to no proper role being present
Removed the Missile Platform due to overlapping with the ion platform
Removed the Fast tracking platform due to too many AM assets being present
Re-purposed the Multi-Lance corvette - it now acts as Plasma Corvette, and the old Plasma Corvette has been removed
The Imp Bombs upgrade will now equip the Hiigaran Bomber with Heavy Plasma Bombs - this replaces the heavy bomber, which has been removed
Added a Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher to the Vaygr Bomber(unlockable by research)- this replaces the missile bomber, which has been removed
The remote monitor no longer shows elements not present in the mod.
Removed the additional Vaygr Battlecruiser weapons


The level 5 experience subsystems are now cost free, as intended
The Intruder no longer dissapears when zooming out
The Modular EMP Plasma cannons work again
The Vaygr Battle Carrier now uses crew
Fixed a coding mistake that made the displayed weapon damage of the Vortex higher than it is
The game no longer de-syncs in multiplayer when capturing megalith
Fixed a typo in the Force Field's files- the Armor is now equal with the Balcora Gate's as opposed to be 100 times more
The Perforation Pod controller now launches pods from all bays when the Armor Asset is built
The Vortex no longer has a Rearm order
The Modular Cruiser now properly places it's Turrets
The Modular Sentinel now bears the proper name in the build menu if unavailable
Callisto Missiles now have a long enough lifetime to work at full range
(CRITICAL!) Saved games no longer crash when opening the launch menu


Replaced the taskbar icons
Replaced all the soundtracks Complex didn't have a licence for- the mod is using free licence music + Homeworld tracks now
Added LoDs for the Vaygr Scavenger and Intruder
Minor edits on menu buttons
Re-colored most of the yellow text to white in order to match our design
Modular Turret hardpoints are all addressed as "Modular Turret" to avoid confusion about positioning
Weapons adjusted for higher performance - they no longer search for targets in case they can't fire at any given targets
The Hiigaran Battleship will now display the nuclear bomb battery as subsystem
Changed the descriptions of the Shiry, Missile/Plasma/Storm/Striker Corvette to resemble their actual role
Updated the descriptions of all Super Capitals' armament
Minor grammar corrections
Increased crew limits from 200 per level to 250 per level
Increased Officer limits from 10 to 12 per level
Changed the name of the Minegun Corvette to Multi-Gun Corvette
Changed the name of the Ion Mechgun Corvette to Ion Gunship Corvette
Changed the name of the Intruder to Pulsar Fighter
Changed the name of the Shiry to Heavy Fighter
Changed the name of the Spy to Cloaked Scout
Due to script issues, evacuation cells need to be docked manually


Capital ship facilities are no longer rank restricted
Battlecruisers are no longer rank restricted
Reduced the Vaygr and Hiigaran Bomber's accuracy against Corvettes and fighters to 1%
Increased the cost of the Hiigaran Imp. Bombs upgrade from 1500 to 2000
Moved the Hiigaran Imp. Bombs upgrade from Research Division to Science Division
Increased the upgrade time of the Imp. Bombs upgrade from 50s to 60s
Reduced the speed of the Hyperspace Core from 250 to 100
The Hiigaran Fighter Squadron size upgrade now requires Engineering Division instead of Science Division
Hundreds of changes to upgrade costs and times will improve dynamics and increase the pace of the game
Reduced the Minegun (Multi-Gun) Corvette's armor by 30%
Reduced the damage of both races anti-subsystem bombs by 50%
Decreased the penetration of the Minegun (Multi-Gun) Corette's weapons against frigates and capitals by 80%
The Modular Cruiser no longer has an ablative defense field upgrade
Reduced the maximum speed of the Shuttle from 300 to 150
Reduced the maximum speed of the Light Shuttle from 200 to 130
Added a pre-requisite of Lieutenant rank to the Defender, Storm Corvette and Heavy Destroyer
Increased the pre-requisite of the Vaygr Ion Cruiser from Lieutenant to Commander
Increased the pre-requisite of the Vaygr Plasma Corvette from Lieutenant to Commander
Removed the rank pre-requisite of the Vaygr Destroyer, both races' basic shipyards, carriers, weapon station, chimera station
Added a science division pre-requisite to the Weapon Station
Reduced the rank pre-requisite of the Vaygr Battleship and Vortex from Commodore to Commander
Reduced the rank pre-requisite of the Hiigaran Battleship and Dreadnaught from Commodore to Captain
Reduced the rank pre-requisite of the Vaygr Battle Carrier from Commander to Lieutenant
Reduced the rank pre-requisite of the Hiigaran Battle Shipyard from Captain to Commander
Removed the Kinetic cannons from the Vaygr Dreadnaught
Increased the range of the harvest control module from 3250 to 5500m in order for the modules to cover a full resource field on any map

Complex Enhanced 8.6.1



The Hiigaran Carrier now has access to miner missiles;
Vaygr Super Capitals now have access to Experience systems.


Removed the multiple tube system for identical special weapons;
Removed the Race display from the task bar;
Removed the tactical sphere of the Research Station.


The Modular Cruiser's point defense guns now fire at the correct angles;
The Research, Crew and Weapon Stations no longer get damaged when docked (previous fix was lost);
The Shuttle's Defense Field upgrades now require the Shuttle Chassis research to appear;
The Light Shuttle's Defense Field upgrades now require the Light Shuttle Chassis research to appear;
The Spectator race no longer causes crashes;
The Intruder no longer has 100% accuracy against every ship class(using pulsar corvette levels currently);
The Modular Destroyer now displays the proper cost when restricted;
Corrected the restricted description and requirement for the Assault frigate;
The Missile Battlecruiser can no longer launch Cruise Missiles;
The Hiigaran Production Class defence field upgrades now require the defense control tower to appear;
The Hiigaran Carrier now has access to Repair Systems;
Multiple Description corrections;
Vaygr Super Capitals can no longer build cloak generators;
The Missile Battlecruiser now has access to Drive Systems and Defense control towers;
(CRITICAL!)The Hiigaran AI no longer ceases to work when using Super Capital Ships.


Crew limits increased by 50 for every rank level;
Initial Crew cap increased from 150 to 200;
Minor grammar corrections;
Credits updated;
Renamed the Missile Frigate back to Torpedo Frigate;
Drastically improved the response rates of the interface;
Minor edits to the menu/loading screen;
The Hiigaran Battleship has recieved level of detail corrections to increase performance.


Hiigaran Ranking is now instant, but still not automatic;
Hammer Cruiser cost reduced from 4000 to 3000;
Increased the firing rate of the Hammer Cruiser's rockets from 3.6 to 3s and Torpedoes from 7s to 5s;
Increased the damage of the Hammer Cruiser's and the Modular Direct Bomb Launcher's rockets from 135 to 250;
Increased the damage of the Hammer Cruiser's Rapid Bombs from 350 to 500;
Reduced the Intruder's damage against fighters by 50%;
Reduced the Intruder's damage against frigates by 30%;
Reduced the armor of the Intruder from 1010 to 700;
Reduced the Shiry's damage against Fighters and Corvettes by 40%;
Reduced the Shiry Callisto missile's damage from 1450 to 800;
Reduced the cost of the Hiigaran Resource Collector from 500 to 400;
Reduced the cost of the Hiigaran Salvage Collector from 600 to 400;
Reduced the cost of the Vaygr Resource Collectors from 550 to 450;
Reduced the cost of both factions' Mobile Refineries from 800 to 700;
Reduced the cost of the Vaygr Advanced Refinery from 1400 to 1200;
Increased the armor of the Hiigaran Scavenger from 75000 to 100000;
Increased the armor of the Vaygr Scanvenger from 64000 to 100000;
The Hiigaran Anti-Radiation modules now only require the Research Division subsystem instead of Science division;
Reduced the Cost of the Modular Ion Cannon from 1000 to 800;
The Modular X6 Kinetic Cannon now requires Engineering Division;
Reduced the Cost of Modular Destroyers from 1750 to 1500;
Increased the damage of the Modular Ion Cannon from 2500 to 3000;
Reduced the damage of all EMP Plasma cannons by 50%;
Increased the EMP damage of all EMP Plasma cannons by 50%;
Level 3,4 and 5 of the experience subsystems no longer give a speed/drive/armor/attack/accuracy boost;
Level 4 and 5 of the experience subsystems no longer give a regeneration boost;
Increased the Regeneration boost of the level 3 experience subsystem from +50% to +100%;
Lowered the cost of the Hiigaran cloak module from 2400 to 750 to match the Vaygr equivalent.


Complex Enhanced 8.6


Intruder model and icons replaced with new ones.
Capital Ships and Platforms will now tilt in the direction they are headed to give the game a more realistic feel
Two variants for "Battle For Hiigara" added (maps from Complex Simple)
Cloud Atlas (map from Complex Simple) added
Eternity (map from complex simple) added
Fulcrum (map from complex simple) added (modified)
Armageddon (map from complex simple) added (modified)
Blue Shift (map from complex simple) added
Sanctuary (map from complex simple) added (modified)
New Megalith added - The Force field will improve shield efficiency, when captured (Credits to Complex Simple)
Sucissa has received a new background
Carnage has received a new background (garden of kadesh)
Shadows in Space has received a new background
Megalith way has received a new background
Hyperproduction has received a new background
The Modular Cruiser and Destroyer now have access to Heavy Ion Cannons
Badges have been replaced by new ones
Super Capital Ships are now built pre-armed (except Shuttle and Missile Battlecruiser)
The Vortex now has the Standard Asset pre-built
The Vortex now has access to a Sweeper Asset and a Torpedo Asset (8 turrets each)
New menu backgrounds were created
A new logo was created


Removed the Fleet Carrier (replacement incoming)
Removed the XBomber due to inefficiency and role overlapping.
Removed the Hiigaran Battle Carrier due to the low level of it's usefulness in late game
Removed the Hiigaran Suppression Turret due to inefficiency and lack of role
Removed the Vaygr Rattle due to role overlapping
Removed the individual "current speed display" from the interface and game code due to inaccuracy and lag
Removed the "EN" (energy consumption on current ship) display from the main interface
Removed the reduced maximum fleet size options. They are no longer necessary thanks to reduced lag
Removed all Hiigaran Powerups, due to the imbalance it causes in Hiigaran vs Vaygr
Removed the Hiigaran Patchers and Drones
Removed the interface display for the Mothership's Heavy Ion Cannon's firepower and shield's stats
Removed the experience based weapons
Replaced the pre-set game types with one, balanced game type


The Destroyer, Light Shuttle and Shuttle will no longer appear restricted in the build menu before researched
The Modular Cruiser can no longer build cloak generators
The Modular Cruiser now has access to every modular weapon on every hardpoint(some were missing)
All EMP Plasma Cannons have an equal cost now
Due to bugs, the Modular Destroyer can no longer build mine layers and rapid bomb launchers
Due to bugs, the Modular Cruiser can no longer build rapid bomb launchers
The Crew, Research and Weapon station no longer receive damage when docked


Corrected prerequirement descriptions for modular weapons
Changed the ship description of the Assault frigate from Anti-Corvette/Frigate to Anti-Fighter/Corvette
Decreased the delay of the music player buttons to 1/30 of the original
Increased the crew limits from 130 per level to 150 per level
Increased the officer limits from 8 per level to 10 per level
Minor code improvements were done
Minor grammar corrections were done
All research modules are now pre-built when choosing the test starting fleet
Game Years renamed to Game Cycles
Credits updated

The Mothership's Heavy Ion Cannon now requires the Admiral rank to be built
The EMP Plasma Cannon's cost has been increased from 900 to 1200
Modular Destroyers and Modular Cruisers will have the Heavy Ion Cannon and EMP Plasma Cannon restricted to the top and bottom hardpoint
Super Capital ships are no longer able to fire special weapons (vipers/cruise missiles)
The Weapon Batteries on the Hiigaran Battleship and Battlecruiser are no longer experience restricted
Increased the cost of the Hiigaran Torpedo Battery from 1900 to 2000
Increased the cost of the Hiigaran Ion Battery from 2000 to 3000
Increased the cost of the Hiigaran EMP Plasma Battery from 2100 to 4000
Increased the cost of the Hiigaran Nuclear Bomb Battery from 2200 to 5000
Decreased the starting collector count in Deathmatch from 9 to 6
Decreased the starting honor points in Deathmatch from 20 to 0
The Defender Drone's regeneration has been reduced from 10 armor/s to 2 armor/s
The maximal number of Defender Drones per player is now 15
The Vortex will no longer have access to mine layers
The Vortex's Ion Cannons and Nuclear Bomb Launchers are now damageable


Code-name of the Intruder changed from "railgunfighter" to "intruder".


Complex Enhanced 8.5.2


•New model for the Hiigaran Modular Cruiser (made by Odie) has been added
•The Vaygr Battleship now has a proper firing order (z) for the perforation bomb
•Expanded the options for interface refreshing speeds, also known as "system clock setting"
•New map : Aurora Borealis (from Complex Simple, somewhat modified)
•New Nuclear icon added to the taskbar - this one is clearly differentiated from the Callisto image


•Removed the trade container and the trade mechanic due to inefficiency. Performance increase to be expected.
•Completely removed the energy system's code (including interface elements)
•The training game mode has been removed due to excessive bugs. It will be replaced by a superior mode in the future
•Removed all orders which were only required because of the energy system
•Removed the game intro function
•Removed the pop-up windows informing the player of the rank advancement. Sounds and other interface elements still do so
•Removed the redundant interface elements on the crew station, research station and scavenger (crew, research score status and resources were displayed 3 times in the UI)
•Removed the temperature (from heat) damage system and its interface display
•Removed all redundant docking status displays in the interface that were no longer in use (shipyard's station icons, juggernaut icons)
•Removed the docking clamps from the Light Shuttle and Hammer Cruiser


•The Hiigaran AI now builds weapons on the Modular Destroyer and Cruiser
•Launch speed of all Nuclear Missiles increased to 364 (this will hopefully avoid the nukes crashing against the launching ship)
•The Hiigaran Battle Ark no longer causes a crash to desktop when a super capital ship is docking to it
•The Modular Destroyer's subsystems are now properly displayed
•The Modular Destroyer's Torpedo research works again
•Power up descriptions corrected (numerically)
•Alarms now address the Vaygr Flagship as "Flagship" instead of "Mothership"
•Heavy Nuclear Bombs now cause damage upon detonation again
•Modular Destroyers now have targetable engines again


•We no longer provide an installer, seeing as it causes complications with many
•Major revamp of the loading screen. This prevents wrong placement-codes for the loadingscreen.
•Code improvements were done - performance increase is to be expected
•Removed thrash from NewUI-folder
Minor grammar corrections


•Hiigaran Command Fortress defense field range decreased from 7500m to 5000m. Ships had to enter it before in order to fire at the CF. Now the field will actually defend the CF.
•The Light Shuttle and the Hammer Cruiser can no longer transport Modular Sentinels
•The Shuttle now requires the Shuttle Chassis Technology to be researched in order to be built. The tech is available on Engineering Division.
•The Light Shuttle now requires the Light Shuttle Chassis Technology to be researched in order to be built. The tech is available on Science Division.
•Fleet Carriers now require the Engineering Division module to be built in order to be produced
•Doubled the load capacity of all Carriers
•Vaygr Advanced refinery cost decreased from 1500 to 1400 due to inefficiency
•The new Modular Cruiser supports one less weapon hardpoint (compared to the old one), but has more torpedo launchers
•Vaygr Shipyard hitpoints increased from 350000 to 475000
•Build power up effect decreased from +200% to +100% (build rate)
•Research station power up active times reduced from 144 seconds to 90 seconds
•RU power up effects decreased from +200% to +150% (collection/drop off rate)
•Chimera station sensor power up active time reduced from 300 seconds to 90 seconds
•Increased the effectiveness of the anti-radiation module on the Hiigaran and Vaygr Scavenger to 100% (Harvesters would constantly detatch due to taking damage, and would eventually explode.)

Complex Enhanced 8.5.1


Spectator mode added - it can be selected as a race (you need at least a 3player map)
Now the players can select the AI behavior in the preset game types


Options for Diplomacy Fee removed
Advanced Sentinel renamed to Modular Sentinel


Multiple Crash-to-desktop issues fixed
The vaygr AI now uses the shared fusion missile technologies
The Hiigaran AI now uses both turret slots on the Weapon Station
The Mothership health-drop bug while being docked to the Shipyard has been fixed
Mothership Battle Asset description bug fixed
Display priority and display name of the modular cruiser in the build menu corrected
Changed the name of the Modular Weapons technology to Destroyer Chassis
The Modular Cruiser's attack style is now frontal
The Modular Cruiser's Ablative shield ability works again
Now all Modular weapons of identical type have an identical cost
Modular weapon descriptions now include proper cost and build time


Modular Cruisers can no longer build Heavy Ion Cannons
Modular Cruisers can now build EMP Plasma Cannon turrets on the port and starboard hardpoint
Modular Cruisers' cost increased from 3500 to 4000
Modular Destroyers can now build EMP Plasma Cannon turrets on all hardpoints
The Modular Destroyer now has access to X6 kinetic cannons and Rapid Bomb launchers on all hardpoints
Modular Ion cannon damage increased from 1250 to 2500
Modular Torpedo damage increased from 1550 to 1800
Now all modular weapon subsystems (on the Modular Destroyer and Cruiser) will take 20s to build

Complex Enhanced 8.5


Hiigaran Modular destroyer added - one chassis to replace all (Currently the AI will not use them, though)
Hiigaran Modular cruiser added - one chassis to replace all (Currently the AI will not use them, though)
Power, Crew, Research stations and Scavengers now phase in through hyperspace at the start of the game
The standard shipyard can now create the mothership's battle asset
Added logo to opening and ending screen
New loadingscreen and main menu backgrounds have been added.
Removed "1.1" version number and updated sitelink and credits
Starting fleets and default game modes fully revisited to more resemble the classic Homeworld feel
The game is balanced around the new game type called Complex Enhanced Supremacy. Deathmatch and Lightning skip the early development!
Buttons in "Game options" and "Credits" are now centered, more will follow soon

---Design Cleanup :

Close Impact and A Dark Star removed due to too large size, and bad gameplay
Benchmark game mode temporarily disabled for this release, it needs re-scripting
Removed the Gudjking Shipyard (Unfortunately, the icons are switched up and we can't change it right now. Hopefully fixed in next release.)
Removed the A and B type variant of the Sentinel. Now the advanced (modular) sentinel takes their place
The Advanced Assault Frigate now replaces the standard Assault Frigate
Complex Enhanced no longer features planet maps
Orbital station (A starship troopers ship.) removed
Complex tactical game mode removed
Power system's effects and involved ships/modules/techs removed, please ignore the UI elements for now
Juggernaut removed


System clock settings are available in Deathmatch too now
Vaygr Heavy destroyers now have a frontal attack style
Command fortress "backflip" and push/pull bugs due to ion cannons fixed, but the movement order is disabled
Vaygr drive modules are affected by the previous boosts too now
Vaygr Capital and Super capital ships can now dock
Drive module boosts on housing ship decreased from +50% to +20% (Unintentional double changes happened.)
Drive module boosts on ships within effect radius decreased from +50% to +10% (unintentional double changes happened)
Heavy Capital Facilities renamed to Super Capital Facilities


Hiigaran resource collector cost decreased from 600 to 500
Vaygr resource collector cost decreased from 600 to 550
Increased the Hiigaran resource collector's acceleration and turning speeds to be closer to vaygr levels (Now they are only twice as slow instead of 3 times.)
The Advanced Assault Frigate has been renamed to Assault Frigate
The (ex) Advanced Assault Frigate no longer requires it's chassis research to be unlocked
Advanced Sentinel cost decreased from 3000 to 2000, build time decreased from 150s to 130s
The limit on Hiigaran Shipyards is now 1. If you need more, build Battle Shipyards.
Viper missiles' cost increased from 1000 to 1500
Viper missiles' mass decreased to 100
Viper and cruiser missiles' collision multipliers reduced from 3 to 2
Cruiser missiles' mass reduced to 300
Cruiser missiles' cost increased from 1000 to 1500


Hiigaran build descriptions partially rewritten for grammar (Modest, production facilities, research modules, crew/officer barracks complete)

Complex 8.4.3 Enhanced (the previous version's changes compared to Complex 8.4.3) :


AI now uses fighters+corvettes+frigates from start and larger fleets
System clock settings enabled for all gametypes
Dev./Test settings enabled in Complex custom
New Vaygr hyperspace effect added
Heavy Capital Ship class renamed to Super Capital Ship class
Vaygr Mothership renamed to Flagship
Vaygr Battleship Perforation Bomb special ability added (activate with z key)


Entire build/research menu grammatically corrected(or fully rewritten in some cases)
Descriptions of upgrades now show the proper requirements and upgrade values
The Vaygr Flagship can now build Battle Carriers
The Hiigaran shuttle now has a Super Capital Ship symbol around it
Module and special subsystem health upgrades work again
Gametype default settings now match descriptions(edited both ways)
"store 100000 RU" win condition is choosable in carnage again
The Battle Ark's fire control towers now affect the Ark itself
The Battle Ark's intergrated hyperspace system works again
Hiigaran Drone's accuracy bugs fixed


Drive system effect on ships within radius increased to +25%
Hiigaran rank purchase no longer costs resources, instead it takes time to complete (60s+30s/level)
Corvette and Frigate facilities and main chassis techs no longer have a rank prerequisite
Hiigaran RU power up effect decreased from +500% to + 300%
Juggernaut hitpoints decreased from 350000 to 250000
Vortex maximum speed decreased from 115 to 100
Increased the power station's armor from 140000 to 250000
Increased the research station's armor from 100000 to 175000
Increased the crew station's armor from 110000 to 200000
Shuttle maximum speed decreased from 400 to 300
Light shuttle maximum speed decreased from 250 to 200
Missile Bombers and Multi-Role Fighters now require the Commander rank
Increased the cooldown on missile bombers' missiles from 25s to 45s
The Battle Ark's docking improver module's radius increased from 1500 to 5000 m
Build speeds increased by 10%
Experience sensitivity increased by 100%
Hgn recruiting speed increased by 20%
Starting resources increased : low(1000->3000), normal(3000->5000), high(5000->8000), maximum(7000->11000)
Vaygr now have RU storage : lvl 1 pre-researched at the start of the game in deathmatch and carnage
Vgr improved bombs tech now affects bombers, multi-role fighters and missile bombers
Vgr fusion missile upgrade grouped together for the battle and super capital ship class
Improved (anti-radiation) defense fields are now a fleet-wide tech
Hgn defense field time/regeneration upgrades grouped together for the production capital class
Vgr assault craft accuracy increased against fighters (0.095->0.1)
Vgr artillery missile speeds increased by 10%
Vgr lance platform firepower increased by 20%
Hgn x-bomber penetration against subsystems increased by 30%

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