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New Team/Group system Empty New Team/Group system

Post by Nakamura on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:03 am

Hello everyone,

We have re-designed our internal team structure completely. As it is currently, the team and the community are very much distinct from each other. Our forum changes are meant to loosen this.

Two new groups have been created : the Balancing Team and the Creative Team.

The Balancing Team's task is multiplayer testing, identifying balance issues and fixing them - this group will be hard at work inside the game. A good understanding of the game's mechanics and dynamics as well as decent RTS skills will be required in order to be a useful member of this group. We are also able to teach the necessary skills, so if you are unsure, please mention that you might be in need of training games. There is nothing to be ashamed of! In case you already are experienced, go straight to the battlefield with our testing group! As a member of the Balancing Team, you will have full access to the C.E.B.D forums.

The Creative Team's focus is brainstorming of any sort. If you are a creative person, and have ideas on how we could make the game better, this is where you should be headed. The Creative Team will take off a lot of weight of the Development Team's shoulders by discussing and refining ideas for integration. Optimally, the Creative Team would also do a lot of communicating with the community, thereby getting a better picture of what the players want.

Both groups will have a head of department, who is the one you should contact in case you'd like to join. Just click on the group name at the bottom of the main forum page, and you'll see the current moderator of the groups.

Hoping for a lot of applications!

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