Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested

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Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested  Empty Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested

Post by DrysonB on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:42 am


Walks away shaking his head and sipping his cup of coffee...should have tuned that harmonic amplifier on that Ghost Scout Ship.


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Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested  Empty Re: Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested

Post by Aediren Rowenus on Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:08 am

Poor guy should have never came to the USSA. Most of us that live here want out, or at least for our government to actually represent us instead of corporate interest. Rights? What rights? Psh, that constitution thing? It's just a silly piece of paper. Typical fascist reasoning for you. They don't care who you are or where you are from they just get off on the power trip of being able to brutalize and dehumanize people and do it "lawfully". You can be free but only insomuch as they allow you to be. God's forbid you don't want to bow down and acquiesce to their corporate dictatorship and arbitrary "laws". I'm one of those people that believe in natural law and that if you have not caused injury to another living being there is no crime. So things like driving without a license/insurance is perfectly lawful (while not "legal") corporate mandate dictates this is a crime punishable by throwing you in a cage. Since they can take the Bill of Rights away from us any time they choose it becomes no more than a "Bill of temporary privilege's". I could go on with this discourse for many more paragraph's describing in great detail how broken "reality" has become for so many people. We live inside of a system designed to always keep us shackled in some way and to truly be "free" is a great feat and comes from the inside, first.
Aediren Rowenus
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